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Innocent little helper? Mongo shell copyTo()

A friend of mine (Ha!), let's call him "Chip" wanted to do some schema change on a large collection. Very large collection. Being a bit paranoid, Chip decided it would be a good idea to just create a backup. You know, just in case. Like copy the collection to another, so he doesn't need to... [More]

Of transactions and Mongo

What's the first thing you hear about NoSQL databases? That they lose your data? That there's no transactions? No joins? No hope for "real" applications? Well, you *should* be wondering whether a certain of database is the right one for your job. But if you do so, you should be wondering... [More]

Manufacturing a MongoDB ObjectId for the past

MongoDB's ObjectId() has some nice sequential properties. One of the interesting ones is the fact that the most significant 4 bytes are a timestamp with seconds granularity. Suppose you want to query your collection for items created on or after a certain date. Since the timestamp portion can be co... [More]

MongoDB log rotation

MongoDB's engine can log quite a bit of useful detail. Whether high-transaction rate or verbose, the log can get quite large. While setting the log mode to append helps you retain the old / existing log, mongo does not currently have a facility to rotate the log at prescribed times or when a size l... [More]

Custom domain for Windows Azure in the new portal

The new Windows Azure Portal looks great, but has moved things around a bit. This post serves as note to self and others: How do I set a custom domain name for blob/ table/ queue? Go to the new portal https://manage.windowsazure.com/ Click the "Storage" item on the left (icon rem... [More]