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Save The Date: time_t 1234567890

You know you are a geek when things like this seem of any importance. It may comfort you to know that there are others who are excited about the buzz. It may disturb you. Make of it what you will: On Friday, February 13th 23:31:30 UTC 2009 the time_t structure would contain the the number 1234567890 The time_t is measures seconds past midnight of January 1 1970 (see Unix Epoc, POSIX time etc) You might celebrate UTC time - those of you not stuck in traffic in New York or at work in California. Or just do it according to your time zone: raise a toast, save some doughnuts from doughnut-Friday or look at the sky or do triple click an icon or something. Here's a little java script to sneak onto your website which sh... [More]

Timing is everything

You know you have a problem when your app behaves badly. You know you should do something about it when a customer complains You know you are late when your competitor took away your customer.

Waiting for Pex to release

After seeing Pex in action at PDC 2008 I have caught the fever. Since then, I gave it a whirle on my own and was pretty impressed. So much so, I chose it as a topic for one of my So-Cal Code Camp  talks in January. Got some very good questions and concerns regarding the capabilities and place of Pex in the world of software development and vis-a-vis TDD.  

The Flash Myth

Frustrated with square looking web pages, many web designers look to Flash. In addition to freedom of graphic expression, Flash brings interaction and transition effects which are difficult or impossible to duplicate. Why then shouldn't all websites be Flash laden? Several reasons pop to mind: Loading speed: Way too often, flash movies load complex graphics, forcing the viewer to stare at some progress bar. For people who want to quickly access information this is a huge turn off. A "skip intro" sometimes viewed as lame. SEO: Flash based sites rarely are digestible or well ranked by search engines. You use flash – you lose top slots in natural search results. It's that simple Form over co... [More]